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This is a multi-functional project manager, Houdini plugin, mainly used to manage and check files, relink missing files, pack footage with one click, check unused files and missing files and the corresponding directories, and check Path State (Relative/Absolute), and switch the path mode.

Running Environment

System Requirements: Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Edition: 7.0, 17.5, 18.0, and 18.5.


File Manager

1. List all the loader nodes and the related information: Node Type, Node Path, File Name, File Path, Path State (Relative/Absolute), and Sequence File with the frame range.

2. Hold LMB at the bottom to check file count, missing file count, digital asset count, and UDIM set count, etc.

3. Right-click menu: Delete files, nodes, and parameters, open folder in File Explorer, switch the path between the relative path and absolute path.

Multi-project Checking

1. Refresh: refresh the file list; Generate: export data.

2. Import Data: list the used files of each project.

Recover Missing Files

1. Refresh: list the missing files; Recover Missing Footage.
2. Two modes available to recover missing files.
     External Data: Replace the paths of the missing files in the project with the paths of the external files in the project directory.
     Internal Data: Move the external files to the files’ path in the project.
3. Target Path: select the search path. 

Internal Files VS External Files

External VS Internal: Comparing the files in the project package with the files in the project to find the unused files in the project package.

Internal VS External: Comparing the files in the project with the files in the project package to find the missing files in the project.

1. The folders in the project directory are listed in the left panel. Click the Refresh button to refresh the folder list. Check the folders to be compared.

2. Refresh: get the results of comparison; Delete missing files and unused files. 

3. List files and the information.

Filter nodes as per nodes' color

Filter the nodes in the project based on nodes’ color and display the results in the list. Save the color as a preset for future use.

Pack Project

Click Pack Project, then the window below will pop up.

1. Target Path: The path of the project directory to be packed.

2. The folders in the target path will be listed. Check the items to be collected as needed.

3. Click Pack Project to start packing.

4. Click Calculate File Size to update the size. Display File Size in Real-Time is checked by default.
Open Project Folder

‘Open Project Folder’ lies in the Options menu, click it to open the folder containing the current project.


1. Put the folder ‘scripts’ in the plugin package to one of the locations below.

  • Linux: ~/houdiniX.X/scripts

  • Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Houdini/XX/scripts

  • Windows: C:\Users\USERNAME\Document\houdiniX.X\scripts

    2. Create a New Tool on the shelf, then copy the text in ProjectManager_2.0v.py, and then paste it into the Script panel.

3. Select Python as Script Language.

4. Click “Apply” and “Accept” to finish the installation.


  • For the cache files, only the first and the last frame files can be packed. 

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Houdini Tool | Project Manager | VFX Grace

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