Houdini Tutorial | Waterfall Simulation

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In this tutorial, we will first analyze the physical features of a reference, and then create it in Houdini by Height Fields, FLIP fluid, and Whitewater system. While simulating FLIP, we will detail some FLIP parameters, share the methods of adding FLIP surface details by noise, and optimize and convert FLIP to mesh with our own workflow. The part of whitewater simulation covers the explanation of some parameters as well as the methods of how to customize the source and how to deal with the whitewater further.

Throughout the whole process, we will demonstrate the operation step by step, and take you to discover and solve problems. You can not only master handy techniques, but also get practical experience and tips. Whether you only have some FLIP basics or already possess some Houdini experience, you will definitely benefit a lot after completing this tutorial.


This tutorial offers a deeper understanding of fluid parameters and takes you to get the knack step by step. A lot of amazing skills and tips will surely inspire you to broaden your creation ideas.

1. Explanation with intuitive comparisons: We will not only explain the functions of the parameters, but also compare the effect before and after simulation to let users intuitively know the impacts of the parameters. In addition, some simple cases are used where necessary to deepen the understanding of parameters. After completing this tutorial, you will have a deeper understanding of the parameters.

2. Focus on Optimization: Instead of simply using some default tools in Houdini, we pay attention to the optimization of each step by creating our own efficient workflows, which will reduce unnecessary calculations and bring more possibilities of creating larger effects.

What Benefits Will You Get After Learning This Course?

  • Grasp key factors that affect waterfall dynamics and know how to practically control the dynamics in Houdini.
  • Master the influence of different parameters on FLIP dynamics and how to add more FLIP surface details by noise.UY0iTeW9M_Q
  • Learn how to optimize and convert FLIP to mesh.
  • Learn how to customize the whitewater source and how some parameters work in Whitewater Solver.
  • Learn how to adjust related materials, how to set multi-channels and some parameters in the Mantra renderer, as well as how to simply composite the effect.
  • Get a bunch of experience and creation ideas to improve production efficiency.

Solemnly Statement:

This set of tutorials are copyrighted by VFX Grace and is only available to individual users. They should not be reproduced, distributed, loaned, subleased, and resold in any way, nor uploaded to any platforms without permission. By purchasing this set of tutorials, you're agreeing to these terms. Any user activity that leads to the above-mentioned infringements will be subject to legal liability. If you purchase tutorials on behalf of your team or company, please contact us.

For teams or companies with multiple users, there are two options as below:

1. purchasing a Commercial license: applies to a team or company with an annual income is above US$100,000.

2. purchasing multiple licenses for all users: applies to a team or company with an annual income below US$100,000, you may purchase multiple single licenses for each of your users.

The project attached in the tutorial is for Houdini indie, please refer to Houdini agreements for whether it is available for commercial use.


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01 About the Tutorial
02 Terrain Creation
03 FLIP Settings
04 FLIP Dynamics Correction
05 Adding Details to FLIP & Summary
06 Mesh Conversion
07 Whitewater Source Settings
08 Whitewater Simulation
09 Materials, Lighting, and Rendering
10 Compositing
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Houdini Tutorial | Waterfall Simulation

10 ratings
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